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Paksitan Traditional Archery is a team of young boys and girls who are promoting traditional archery in pakistan.
we are an independent federation, free from any appiliation or patronage from governmtn or semi-governmental NGOs.
With a limited resources, our amitions are high to promote this cultural sports in every nook and corner of Pakistan.
Through this sports our endeavours have promoted cultural and religious tolerance and pluralism among the different ethinicities of Pakistan.
Pakistan being a conservative and patriarchal society, the girls are also participating in this sports in great numbers.
This is our mission to furthur promote traditional archery in Pakistan.

Our Team

Sadiq Ali


+92 333 7867177 sadiqalifoladi@gmail.com sadiqali@theptaf.com

Muhammad Mehdi

Vice President

+92 349 0091525 mmehdi@theptaf.com

Abdul Ali Akbari

Senior Vice President
+92 333 7801780 Abdulakbari@theptaf.com

Muhammad Hadi

General Secretary
+92 311 1271136 muhammadhadi@theptaf.com

Sher Ali

Joint Secretary
+92 345 8686104 sherali@theptaf.com

Javaid Hussain

+92 313 8339115 javaidhussain@theptaf.com

Muhammad Hadi

Office Secretary
+92 347 2914799 hadibabul@theptaf.com

Kazim Ali & Muhammad Ali

Media Coordinator
+92 313 8465070

Pakistan Traditional Archery Federation

Pakistan Traditional Archery Federation

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+92 333 7867177
Qayum Papa Stadium, Gulistan Town, Quetta, Pakistan

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